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Mel Terkla: What I might typically carry.

My buddy asked me what I carry in my belt kit, so I thought I would post up what I might typically carry.I have many pockets for my British Tactical belt kit, but have been running this combo for awhile now. I got the 20 PALS channels version and running two 2 channel pockets, two 3 channel pockets, and two 4 [...]

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British Tactical Covid 19 update.

British Tactical Coronavirus pandemic updateAs a small factory we rely on a small team of dedicated machinists and utilise automated sewing processes to produce our kit. We run a small retail stock inventory and produce a number of items to order along with OEM commitments. When new products are introduced, orders are normally fulfilled and [...]

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Review of Horizontal and Vertical Lidded Utility Pouch

I became aware of British Tactical through a Facebook page I am a member of which caters to kit pests like myself. I have been looking for a while for some pouches for the outside of a daysack I use as my go-bag when I’m working overseas. My Go-bag is the bag I carry everywhere with me [...]

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Mad Jack and Bayonet Sheath - A Comparison

By Jim Shoebridge – A GeardoI’ve already written a review of BRITTACs Bayonet Sheath in its first non-laminate iteration but a quick recap…This is only for the bayonet and not the scabbard, there is a High-Density Plastic insert to prevent the ultra-sharp blade from damaging the material…which they will replace free of charge if it ever wears [...]

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Pros and Cons of Webbing, Vests and Chest Rigs.

Over the last twenty years I’ve served in two Armies, as a PMC and in a Guerrilla group, working in jungle, urban and desert environments as well as working overseas on security tasks. I started out in the NZ Army in the mid 90’s using the issued ALICE webbing and pack. The metal clips on the webbing and the rivet [...]

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Belt Kit, Mostly British Tactical - A Run Down, - by Jim Shoebridge

Note: Click on image to open a large version in new window. Click on underlined links to take you to the product.Firstly, a run through of everything that comprises this belt kit, then a breakdown and review of the kit from British Tactical (BritTac) only. Belt – BritTac two row PALS*, fitted with an AustriAlpin Cobra buckle.Under Armour [...]

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British Tactical Molle Belt, Utility, Ammo and Stealth Admin Pouch Review

CriteriaI started looking for a new belt kit as the issue kit that I had previously never really fit me properly and I wasn’t quite able to fit all of my kit in (and still be able to get it out!). In the past I had tried using other guys stitched ‘airborne’ style webbing however I wasn't particularly [...]

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Review of Molle Belt, IFAK and Utility Pouches.

THE SELECTIONI currently use two setups, Assault Vest and Belt Order. Assault Order is for HQ/ Operations Centre work and Belt Order for Liaison role and Training Review. My vest is an issue Desert Molle, with green IRR paint added to 'MTP' it. On this are a mixture of issue MTP Osprey, Warrior Systems, Disciple and in the last few [...]

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Material restock update.

Well, after what seemed like an ice age we have received new stock of Multicam webbing and Elastic from Murdock. These include the following items which are all on our website:3/4, 1 and 2 inch Multicam Original Webbing.1 and 2 inch Multicam Original Elastic.We have updated the site and have 1000D Original Multicam available and will be adding 500D [...]

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