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Mad Jack and Bayonet Sheath - A Comparison

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By Jim Shoebridge – A Geardo

I’ve already written a review of BRITTACs Bayonet Sheath in its first non-laminate iteration but a quick recap…

This is only for the bayonet and not the scabbard, there is a High-Density Plastic insert to prevent the ultra-sharp blade from damaging the material…which they will replace free of charge if it ever wears out.

The insert combined with the hilt strap, which is Multicam and the snug fit of the sheath itself ensures the Bayonet stays securely in place.

It only takes up a single column of PALS should you wish to mount it on the belt, it will just as easily fit onto the side PALS of any pouch that has it.

As stated it only takes up one column and makes up for it by having a column of 4 rows of woven webbing on its face to allow for, well whatever you want so long as it only takes up a single column, a pistol mag pouch for a torch, multi tool maybe.

Fig. 1 Belt mounted

Fig. 2 Pouch mounted

Fig. 1 Belt mountedFig. 2 Pouch mounted

So now we come to the new kid on the block…

Mad Jack.

This is a new improved version of the sheath with a very fitting name, it isn’t designed for any one knife in particular, it serves very well for a variety of knives with a 7” ish long blade with a blade width of 1” to 1 ¼”.

They, BRITTAC can of course cater for your specific requirements should you have them.

All the points relating to the bayonet sheath, above are pertinent to the Mad Jack so I’ll not repeat myself.

As they say, a picture paints, a thousand words here are some side by side comparisons.

Fig. 3 Front View

Fig. 4 Rear View

Fig. 3 Front View

Fig. 4 Rear View

Now is also a good time to highlight the new, laminate only securing method, it tucks under the last horizontal piece and is held in place with a small plastic ‘stiffener’.The most obvious difference is the size… the size and the fact it has a laminate front panel, it’s two most obvious differences are… the size, the fact it has a laminate front panel and here is an additional security loop…it’s three most obvious…etc. etc. etc. sorry for the Monty Python paraphrasing!

The issued Bayonet and a Glock Combat Knife for length.

Fig. 5 Bayonet SheathFig. 6 Mad Jack
Fig. 5 Bayonet SheathFig. 6 Mad Jack


Showing the two positions for the securing Hilt Strap

Fig. 7 Hilt Strap positions

Fig. 7 Hilt Strap positions

The Hook and Loop hilt strap is removeable, come in two parts and can be both height adjusted (within reason) and it’s also adjustable for the diameter of your individual knife hilt, two features, I’m ashamed to admit, I didn’t immediately find…

Seriously though, the laminate front panel is full length allowing the fitment of a single 9mm magazine pouch or similar, more importantly it the grid lines up front and back this enables the sheath to go into ‘Stealth mode’ and fit behind any MOLLEd pouch, I found that it’s best to remove the HD plastic insert when fitting these together.

Fig. 8 PALS alignment

Fig. 8 PALS alignment

The PALS on the rear of the sheath will, on future sheaths, run the whole length allowing for a position that will suit the individuals needs.

I do have one little niggle; the Hook and Loop hilt strap can be a bit fiddly to undo and a little grab tab would make it a little easier.

Fig. 9 On ‘Battle Belt’Fig. 10 Belt removed for clarity
Fig. 9 On ‘Battle Belt’Fig. 10 Belt removed for clarity


Overall then, the new Mad Jack has laminate making up the PALS and MOLLE front and back, I’m of the understanding that the Mad Jack is the generic pattern for all sheaths from now on where they, BRITTAC can get the suitable colour match with the laminate.

The handguard length will remain the same whereas the sheath will come in 5”, 6” and 7” lengths which pretty much covers most handy knifes, e.g. the Mora Frost has a 4” blade and this fits nicely into the 5” sheath strangely enough!

The binding on everything is the same dyed MTP match that is used on the issue kit making everything aesthetically pleasing.

All materials are to U.K. and US Mil spec and British Tactical give their usual lifetime defect warranty.

Everything is made to a high spec and is bar tacked where appropriate.

I still haven't found any loose threads or missed stitches.

British Tactical produce kit to a high standard in both materials and finish without crippling your bank balance, they are very approachable and willing to listen to suggestions.