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Mel Terkla: What I might typically carry.


My buddy asked me what I carry in my belt kit, so I thought I would post up what I might typically carry.

I have many pockets for my British Tactical belt kit, but have been running this combo for awhile now.

I got the 20 PALS channels version and running two 2 channel pockets, two 3 channel pockets, and two 4 channel pockets.

My setup in the photos below is for fall/winter conditions on the California central coast, where the temps can be chilly, and rain is always a possibility.

This is for an all day trip back in the National Forest, and I will caption each photo in detail!

Please keep in mind, this is not for military use, and I don’t run mag pouches because my trail guns are either my lever action or bolt action rigs.

Also, this is my personal loadout for what I do and where I go, so it works great and is tailored just for me.

The cool thing about belt kits is that gear you want to get to easily is right there, without having to dig into a pack! When you need extra capacity for more gear, you can scale up with different size packs to meet your needs.

Here are the photos laying it out.

The awesome British Tactical belt kit:

The pocket layout:

The lids open showing the gear:

Running a 32oz Nalgene bottle in each of the 2 channel pockets:

Bottle out:

The items in one of the 3 channel pockets:

My possibles kit in a small SeeAll Pocket, 2 Small Handy Pockets with my maintenance kit for glasses in one and a fire starting kit in the other, a couple protein bars, and a flashlight:

Gear in a 4 channel Pocket:

A beanie, gloves, and a Snugpak Patrol Poncho for wet weather:

The other 4 channel pocket:

My Mont-Bell lightweight puffy jacket for a mid layer if I need more warmth:

The other 3 channel pocket with gear:

A boo boo kit in the Handy Pocket, toilet paper, handkerchief, mini binos, and armored gloves for bushwhacking:

Here is the belt kit on me with a Mini Pod for a little extra capacity

My Park Pack with the belt kit where I can carry a field chair, small tarp, my food, and an extra layer of clothing if needed:

Rear view

Morph Pocket attached to the belt kit Yoke for added capacity if needed:

My PALS 360° Pack with the belt kit to carry even more gear if needed, and depending what I have planned for the day

Rear view

My Terrier Patrol Pack with belt kit for an over night or two:

Rear view

Mel Terkla is an iconic pack designer and for 12 1/2 years was responsible for designing and marketing Kifari line of military packs. Mel still designs and along with his wife, they produce pouches and packs for military and hunting use at PocketUp.