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Yoke and Pouches review by Sergeant 1st Class

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Here is a review and images we received from a Sergent 1st Class, I'll let the review and images speak for itself. The only thing we will add is a big thanks to Paris for the great review and images.

"Starting from the yoke, it is well made and the shoulders are wide which distribute weight better, I have been wearing the complete kit for 5 days straight I can say without any doubt that the yoke did not dig into my shoulders. 

front 01Back image 02 Front under armourBack under armour


I had my camelback hydration system on the back and that did not affect me at all which worked great. 

The yoke under the armor was fantastic not a problem no pressure points. 

The yoke was well balanced like it wasn’t even there. 

The pouches are great, vertical pouches gave me the opportunity to separate the gear and balance the load out on my belt due to the fact that they take up only 2 molle rows. 

 Pouches 01Pouches under armour Pouches with yoke

The large pouch gave me the benefit to fit bigger items if I needed for example anything from underwear to rations or even minimi magazine which works out great. 

All the pouches have internal pockets which enables me to store small gear and not have everything upside down in the pouch. This means take one thing out the whole lot does not come out also.(This is important especially at night.) 

Kit01 Kit02

I am astound at how strong the pouches are and the extra molle on the outside is great I can attach any other pouch I need . I was reluctant at first about the straps at the back, I feared they would come off but after a rigorous drill that lasted for a week I have no doubt that the only way they will come off or get destroyed is only intentionally. The fact they have no metal studs is great safety wise, this means no secondary shrapnel. 

Overall I am very satisfied with my new gear, I think this is money well spent and out of a rating of 10 I give 12 not to mention the lifetime warranty. 

Special thanks to Dave and all the people that helped at British Tactical for helping me out with my Kit. 

Cheers Guys!"

Kit on review:

British Tactical Yoke

British Tactical Vertical Utility Pouch

British Tactical Large Utility Pouch